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Vertical progress bar can't fit inside the parent group

I am trying to create the following design in our Bubble app:

but I am having a lot of problems trying to create the Pseudo bar graph. I cannot use an actual bar chart element because of the colour and responsive requirements.

So I have been trying to use the Progress Bar element rotated 270 degrees to vertical.

The problem is when I rotate the element, the height and width of the element “container” remain as they were, so I am unable to position the leftmost bar left aligned within the parent group (see screenshot below showing the progress bar element outside the parent group).

Does anyone have an idea how best to recreate the design?

Hello, thank you so much for flagging this! Is it possible to submit this as a bug report (Bug Report | Bubble) so our team can take a closer look and determine what could be going on? Thank you for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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