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Vice command, voice activation

I am building an app, I want to use the voice activation command like “Hey Siri” to activate my app. Also, I want my users to be able to Use speech to fill in forms and the app should tell users their status.

let’s say it is a restaurant app; the users should be able to open the app by saying “hey foodie”, they should be able to place an order by calling it out and finally, the app should spell out their order and price before confirming the order.

I don’t usually like to be negative, but this is going to be a very difficult to achieve. If the likes of apple/google/amazon can’t do it, its going to be an uphill strugle, but by all means, prove me wrong!

I suppose the first port of call is finding a voice to text/AI API to turn the spoken word in to usable information.

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This already exists. Did you try starting with “Hey, bubble app…”?

Maybe you didn’t give your commands loud enough?

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@ahmedibrahim0165 Hey there ! I actually sell a plugin that allows you to make your Bubble app “speak”, find it here: