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Hey everyone, have a good day. I’ve planned to create an app for video hosting, and I’ve challenged myself to build it using Finally, I was able to make it in Bubble. Firstly, videos can be uploaded, go through transcoding, and then get saved in Backblaze. After that, the URL is connected with a CDN provider for faster delivery.

Currently, I provide the safest H.264 codec, compatible with all browsers, offering 720p quality and the MP4 format. My focus today is addressing the file upload limit pain point for users on today’s website builders.

My plan includes:

  1. Plan-1: 5 videos with 25 GB bandwidth.
  2. Plan-2: 10 videos with 100 GB bandwidth.
  3. Plan-3: 20 videos with 200 GB bandwidth.

When file transcoding is complete, you’ll receive a message confirming its completion. We also provide hotlink protection for the website to control bandwidth. Currently, we offer URLs and provide an HTML embed code for easy link sharing.

If anyone wants to give it a try, I’m happy to onboard you. This is a brief overview of my app.

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