Video KYC App [App/Tutorial]

Hi Everyone!

I have created an App/Tutorial on how to build an app which requires video KYC during the signup process.

In short, you will learn how to:

  • Create a multistep signup form
  • Integrate a video recording feature as one of the steps of the signup
  • Generate and save the video url in the database.

The video recording feature is built using the Pipe Video Recorder.

Full disclaimer: I work for Pipe and we are thinking of building a plugin for Bubble to enable video recording for any type of App (which you can do already by following this tutorial), so any feedback is REALLY appreciated! :smiley:



Great tutorial @bralca88. Worked quite well.

For showing the video, I just used the video.js plugin. Easy!

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Hi @elliot.beaudoin! I am glad you liked it.

Would you mind leaving a comment on the blog article as well?

Thanks and let me know should you need anything else.

Hi there, quick question - can this work in iOS safari? thanks

Hi did you put out a plugin for KYC purposes ? or do you know any tools or plugin that can help me gain energy and time and that use a secure way of data storage ?


I am also searching for a Video KYC solution for my organization. i have a quick question. is this working on mobile and the web both?

Thank You