Create something like Videoask

Hi all

I want to create a video quiz/survey/feedback section on my app, just like

It need not be pretty, or staying put in a single page while going from one video to another.

The input are just checkboxes and can be below the video.

All I wanted is for the quiz/survey/feedback;

  • input to appear at certain time while the video is running

  • then directed to another page after the input is entered to continue the funnel.

What video plugin would be best for this?

It’s totally doable.
The only video input plugin that I’ve used is Ziggeo. It allows you to record video / upload video. The video goes into Ziggeo’s hosting, and you get back a URL you save into Bubble’s database.

As for making video appear at a certain time during a video is easily achievable with a few methods. For example, a delayed workflow that changes the video input’s state after X seconds that the page loaded.

I’ll check it out:) Ziggeo plugins are the paid ones?

The delay for the quiz/survey/feedback is best to be based on the video’s timeline instead of page load.

Maybe I want to test autoplay off or maybe what if the user paused the video?

Ziggeo as a plugin is not paid (bubble made it, as I recall), but Ziggeo as a hosting service IS paid.

If you want to trigger workflows based on video playback position, there are a few video plugins available for that, too. Our bois at @ZeroqodeSupport have some legit plugs you can try out.


I see. Thank you… yeah, I was checking out the plugin by zeroqode too.

I will experiment around then:D

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Thank you @alejandrowunderlich :sunglasses::pray:

Let us know how this goes guys, and if there’s anything we can do to help :muscle:

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Is Ziggeo free? It looks like it’s $99 a month…?

Is this true? If it is are there any other cheaper options? I don’t know why I wouldn’t just use VIdeo Ask as its a lot cheaper…

I finally decided on Videoask after reviewing my information funnel, if that helps:)

Hey there! I’m trying to understand how to make the ‘form id’ within the API calls dynamic.

Right now for the URL’s i’m just putting the the FORM ID in the URL static. How can I make this a variable? So that I can call different forms based on which user account i’m trying to reference? See below ‘GET’ call for context.

Also i’m having issues seeing the API under 'use as datasource for a group or repeating group. When I click on it (see screenshots) if doesn’t show up… But I definitely have it set up (see second screenshot).

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