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Video not showing up in Mobile

Hey I have YouTube videos on my mobile app and they work when I test it out on the computer but in mobile it doesnt work, any solution?

Can you show how you’ve configured it? You’re using the video element right? I have mine setup and it works on desktop and mobile.


Thought it might be this… 35YvPnEjhlg doesn’t exist…

it works on desktop though, theres multiple videos

i have to put in the whole youtube link? @john3

no just the code like you did - I would delete the element and try to put it in again if you’re sure it’s a valid video link.

i have to put in the whole youtube link? @john3

@john3 can i see your configuratiion for it?

I just typed in

@john3 ok but i have other features in the app where youtube videos that exist are in it, and it still doesnt show up in mobile. Show me the element configuration for a video that works for you.

@john3 saw my last message?

I’m not sure what you’re asking?

If you configure a valid youtube video in the video element it works on desktop or mobile. The one you shared last time was not valid.

Do you have another video url that you want to try to share? Just paste it in a reply message.

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