Video tutorial: How to keep users logged into your app

Hey everyone!

We’ve gotten questions about how to keep users logged into an app (by default, they get logged off after 24 hours).

A lot of apps do this (think about all the apps you use for both personal and business each day without having to sign back in). It can help remove friction with users and keep them coming onto the app.

If you want users to be able to stay logged in, check out our new video lesson here.

Cheers, and happy building!


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Log the user in after signing up usually works.


It was working fine until last week, not ure what’s going in (the workflow action is visible in the log but I keep being disconnected)

just submit an app to the stores and noticed that the workflow to keep the user logged in is not working? whil is working well on the webapp
Any idea how to fix this?

Hello!! How can I keep the users logged into an app past 24 hours when they used magic login?