View an uploaded file using API

Hello, I have uploaded a file and in my Users table this stores a URL which opens the file (image) from the browser. However, this is not something permanent as signature changes after a logout. I would like to get this file (see the image) in another application by using API to bubble - iof possible a get request with parameters in one line, if possible, for authentication.
Can someone assist please?

Hi @tech29 :wave:

You can create a Backend Wokrflow and make this endpoint public, so you can access it from another aplication…


To return the data you want from this workflow, insert the action block “Return data from API”

There are tones of videos explaining how to set it up correctly, this is the first one I found in Youtube.

Thank you for your help @rpetribu.
I managed to make the api using a GET request and in the api response I can get the value of a field for a user. The issue with the file field is that the file is stored elsewhere and in DB we only have the URL and when you get the URL and paste it in a browser, it brings ‘Unauthorized’ which makes sense; we don’t want someone to get this file without authority. How can I overcome this?

I am trying to login the user in the flow before returning the api response. I am getting 400 code and message “We didn’t find an account with those login credentials”.
Will keep trying.

I don’t know if log the user in will solve this issue.
Where your file is hosted? How the user can access the file from Bubble?