View data in a repeating group?

strong textHello folks. I have a question that seems simple to resolve, but I haven’t been able to yet:

The user registered a list of services to be performed in the database, such as: dismantling, repairing, painting and assembling.

I want to show this list of texts on another page in a repeating group, but each name on one line, not on a single line separated by commas. How do I display this list of texts separated by line and not by commas?

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Simply input All services:format as text. Now inside the “format as text”, on the first input, put the label (display), and on the last input put your delimiter (Backspace, Space, Space and :smile: whatever you want). Like below:

I hope this helped you with your issue.

What would this element be: All User type ?

In your case it would be the [list of services] data type, supposing you have an option/data set to centralize your dismantling, repairing, painting and assembling. If I’m in your shoes, I would say you’re using this to identify the “status” of the service?

My application makes quotes, the user entered all the services that will be performed, these services were saved in a custom state and were displayed in a repeater group before going to the database. After being saved in the database, the user is redirected to a new page to confirm all the information. On this confirmation page I placed another repeating group to show the list of services (text type) that he previously registered. So I want to know how I can display the data he registered, being a list, but showing it in each individual line, and not divided by line.

The photos show how I’m trying to configure this repeater group,

It is correctly displaying the data, but all on a single line, I want it to be on each separate line

A summary: the first part is ok, the user is correctly registering the information in the database

The second part: I want to display a list of texts that is the description of the service, in a repeating group, each item on an individual line, and not on the same line separated by a comma

Consider using a repeating group inside the table, that displays all services. If needed, split them by (the delimiter if they’re being stored in a formatted manner).

Hope this fixes the problem,
Update me with the result.

I used a repeating group, and also the divide by function… but when I do the test, the information continues to come on the same line separated by commas, and not on each individual line

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No, you have to use the split by on the repeating group’s data source. Try it, know it’s gonna work.
Nice work!

I placed the division in the repeating group cell, in the data source I pulled the information from the previous page that is recorded in the database

Did it work?

It didn’t work, it’s displaying the data I want, but all on a single line, not on each individual line

Can you show me the repeating group’s data structure?

I’ll show you the structure step by step:

This image shows the user entering data, which is stored in a temporary state, and displayed in a table (repeating group)

This image shows how I pulled this data to save in the database

that I can pull the data from both the temporary state and the table, but I decided to get it from the table

This image shows how the data is stored in the database

I just want to now on a new page, display:

test 1
test 2
test 3
not test 1, test 2, test 3

The saving to the database part is correct, you’re saving in a list of texts. Now there’s the problem in displaying, load a repeating group on a page data source is: (parent group’s orçamento’s descrição serviço)[data type is text] IMPORTANT - This data has to be on the data source of the repeating group. Now inside the repeating group drop a text with <current cell’s text>.

Done, your list of texts has to be displayed in a list configuration/lines.
Update me with the outcome.

The same way it was configured, the only problem is that instead of displaying each one on one line, it is displaying them all on one line.

how is it being displayed

For this one, place a repeating group inside the table. Table’s are mostly static elements, the best way to display line by line is to use a repeating group.

Placing a repeating group within the table, what would be the configuration (type of content, data source) of this repeating group?

The repeating group’s data type is text, the data source is parent group’s list of texts. Keep in mind that you can just use a repeating group on its own and a static table with the title.