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Hello All

I’m new to bubble, and I’m struggling to do something that seems easy. I have a monthly budget data thing that has fields for category, amount, month and year among others. I would like to show this to the user as a table for a year with Categories in first column and amounts, month by month in other columns , see below.

The only way I can see to do this is to search for budget in a repeating group and then do a search for the amount in every “cell” of the table, which seems cumbersome. I feel I’m missing something obvious.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Following this. It seems repeating group only is good for 1 column. But I also nees the same logic where data is displayed in a table format with various fields attached to it that are displayed.

Looked at various things. Tried Option sets per link below, with nested repeating groups, but the current cells option set was not avail to the nested option group.

Ended up doing a search for month in each cell. Works, but there is alot of searches. Jury is out on how it scales.

@mlw18064 Simple trick when you need to reference the parent cell data from a nested repeating group.

  1. Add a group to the parent repeating group’s cell that is the same type of data as the repeating group and set the initial data source to the current cell’s thing
  2. From your nested repeating group you can then reference that group’s thing.