Cascade display of a list

Hi guys,
I have a Data Type with three different fields and I am trying to display the list in a “tree type” of display. I used repeating group into a repeating group. Did a search and then group by, but I don’t seem to get it right. What am I missing?
Any advise will be appreciated. Thank you

It looks like I can’t view your app, so it may be set to private? If you can unlock it, others will be able to see inside your app, so you might prefer to just share some screenshots…

If helpful: I don’t suggest using nested repeating groups (where a repeating group contains another one). I find that it works OK for initial testing but bogs down a lot when you actually have users and lots of data involved. It can work in some situations, but I find it better to avoid nesting repeating groups in 90%+ of cases.

Hi my friend,
Tnx for your prompt respond.
I think I’ve changed the status to Everyone can see. Hopefully you can view and advise me what you think is best do

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