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View PDF file stored in Bubble

I have read all the posts and tried every “solution” to no avail. I simply want to view a pdf stored in Bubble (s3). This can’t be that hard, right?

added after File, but none worked

:Saved to S3
:Saved to S3’sURL

also tried adding after “url=” the following:
https:// - with this one at least I got to “no preview available” rather than an error…is this progress?

This works for me, at least in Chrome:

I get a Google 500 error

in run mode, or just in edit mode? I get a 500 in edit mode as well, try previewing the page.

yes in preview


Shot in the dark, but try adding a space after allowfullscreen prior to the closing bracket.

that didn’t work…but

in the debugger it looks like it is appending 2 slashes “//” in front of the URL that shouldn’t be there

Is your site using SSL? I should’ve led with that (my site’s on https://). Only other thought is if you’re running plain http you could be hitting CORS or cross-site-origin issue with Google. Beyond that, afraid I’m out of bright ideas. :slight_smile:

yes it is but the S3 link is:

Would that cause the problem?

what happens when you hit the full link in a new tab in your browser outside Bubble? It should download the file or show a preview (depending on your browser). Try the full link with both http and https:

can see it in both https and http

hmmm. i think you need others to weigh in here. Saw you pinged roman…

she built most of it, so I hope she knows

@robert I’m coming… hang tight !

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