How to upload file to (S3) from link (URL)

Hi, Is there is way or workaround to upload file to my bubble bd from link (URL)
I know I can put URL in the DB as text but I want the file hosted in my app Also I can upload file using file uploader but I’m trying to avoid downloading files in to my computer and than upload it using file uploader / instead I want to upload the file data from direct url . Is there anyway to make this possible ?


Any help!?

I was looking for a solution, it kind of maybe done as an additional feature. $400 or something similar to Bubble and you will have it.

Could cash in and get this feature going?

Yes there is a way

You can pick this as long as the original field’s type is a file/image (for instance defined as such in the API connector)

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Good luck there is way to make it :slight_smile:
but how to implement it? Do I have to use API Connector OR there is way to add link and bubble pull the file and upload it to s3

Could you give example please

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