Viewing uploaded documents on the site?

I can get documents to upload, and download in my app - but cant figure out a way to view the documents in the browser, ie is it possible to view text doc, or a powerpoint docs actual pages?

You can use the PDF Embed plugin to view a PDF document in your app.

Since Word files and PowerPoint files require an application to run in a presentable form (ie. their Office equivalents), they would not render within a browser. (Most browsers do not have the necessary “app” built into the browser to properly interpret the file.

Some 3rd party applications, like Box offer content preview as a service.

What I am trying to do is , I want to user to Upload documents from the frontend , I also want to create a button on click of which I should be able to see the documents and its details in a repeating group , like docu name , uploaded by , Date uploaded , doc status (Approved /Pending approval) and obviously a link to download the document or view the associated document