Visual Alignment Issue

Hey all,

My site started seeing some strange alignment issues with one of my forms. To check it out, go to

Put in as the username, then any ol’ password. A new form should show up with an error telling you the username or password is broken. The problem is…it looks like this:

In my responsive view, and every day before today, it looks like the next image. The next image is what I want it to look like, and what it was looking like before this morning:

As you can see, the top image is pretty janky looking. I’ve verified this issue on Windows 10 using Chrome and Edge, latest versions of both browsers. Also worth noting…this DID NOT HAPPEN yesterday, or the days prior to that. Anybody else seeing any weirdness?

Here’s a link to the editor, set to “Everyone can View”

Things I’ve already ruled out:

  • Hidden elements to the right of the form
  • Alignment errors
  • Min/max width setting errors

@andrewgassen Andrew… Followed your instructions and got exactly the same result… I then grabbed the Google chrome am dragged into a larger monitor window… And low and behold it rendered correctly. I then dragged it back to the original monitor and once again it rendered correctly.

I know that’s not much help to identify the issue…every subsequent time I’ve tried it renders correctly

Now that’s interesting. I just tried it myself, and changing the browser width even 1 pixel fixes it. That definitely feels like broken behavior. I may wait for another person or two to verify before I file an official bug report. Thanks for poking around!

yep… definitely wait for someone else to triangulate but may help filter down possible causes. Always happy to poke around… You were always very gracious in the community to help others… At least we can all do is offer the same

The last time I checked, there was a very serious problem with Bubble’s responsiveness in Edge. Very gradual changes in browser width cause the page to jump into and out of proper alignment. I haven’t seen the same behavior with Chrome.

I have enough other challenges with getting needed features to work in my app so I haven’t reported this, but I believe it is a bug in Bubble.

Confession time: I’ve been using my Windows 10 machine for over a year, and today was the first time I opened Edge on purpose (aside from downloading Chrome).The only reason I know it’s busted in Edge is because it was broken in Chrome first. It’s just strange to me that it worked fine up until today, and I didn’t make any changes that should’ve impacted alignment at all.

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