Issue with popups again

Hi all,

Again we are having issues with popups looking fine in edit mode, then in live mode in different browsers eg. Chrome and Safari, the popups are sporadically out of alignment. Sometimes they work perfectly in one browser, but are misaligned in another browser simultaneously.

There is no reproducible steps to submit as a bug report - I urge @Emmanuel and the team to look at this as its incredibly frustrating and been happening for months.

All groups are set, aligned and fixed width - having non-fixed width makes it worse.

I’ve seen this a number of times as well, also with no way to effectively reproduce it. I end up nuking it and rebuilding to fix, unfortunately.

Yeah its a nightmare, I can’t keep nuking it all as there is so much tied to it. Plus I;ll be developing round the clock deleting everything

I think i know why this is happening. Do you have an animation like a card flip animation to open the popup? This would happen for me when I had a flip animation.

When i just show or hide popups it works fine. This only happens when there is an animation that grows the popup for some reason.

The most stable animations for me has been any type of slide where the popup doesn’t change form at all.

Hope that is helpful.

We do use animation, but it seems to be more on the Safari browser it happens, but also sporadically on others.

We want to use animation for popups otherwise the app is too basic feeling.

Keen to hear @neerja response to this (please don’t ask me to send a bug report as as @andrewgassen and I say its not reproducible consistently).

Ya for sure. I hope they fix it so I can put animations back on for myself. I was seeing the same issue so I just have show/hide and toggle till they fix it. Pretty lame though for sure.

Looking forward to @neerja reply

@help We are looking for a consistent pattern regarding animations on popups as they are working as expected in our testing. The behavior appears to be inconsistent based on your posts. The one case where we consistently see an issue is ‘Animate the collapse operation’ and we will fix this.

Best hack I have found is most issues are in Safari. So, I’m using the Browser plugin to get the User Agent, and use the ‘Show’ element action instead of Animate on Safari, but animate on everything else. Works ok

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I have a lot of issues with animations and changing shapes an sizes of groups with no reproducible error. I also have ditched most of the animations and just stick to slides or the traditional hide/show. It would be great if there was a way to get those animations to be stable as they would add a lot of value to the apps and their effectiveness from a marketing perspective.

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