Visual BUGS in app

Hello everyone, I’m having serious problems with my application.

When running the workflow sequence through debug_mode it works correctly but without debug_mode. some actions that should happen just don’t happen… any idea why this happens?

I guess you have a mix of server-side and client-side actions?

In this specific case, what should happen does not depend on anything in the backend.

There is a “Schedule” in the middle of the workflows but the action that is not happening takes place at the front and has no relation to this schedule

show your actions setup

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In this case, the last part that has the Trigger of the custom event, the conditional is met but the action that is in the custom is not done.

If your workflow works in debut mode but not in live, it is most likely because the actions are run sequentially in debut but not in live mode.

There must be an issue with your actions.

In live mode, actions are not run sequentially

Yes I noticed this too , especially this happens in mobile more (talking both dev-desktop test dev-mobile test) .Try playing with custom events and result of , if you have calculation of any sort try to pass agregate result to wf.

How they run ?

See the documentation Actions | Bubble Docs

For efficiency purposes, workflows run in parallel across the server and the front end. Despite the names “Step 1,” “Step 2,” it is important to note that a given step does not necessarily wait for the previous one to complete before triggering the next one.


Okay… but it doesn’t make any sense, is there any logical explanation for this to happen?

I don’t know the details and can not elaborate too much on it.

But, in case you manipulate the same object between several steps, you can “pass” the object from one another. In step n you will see an option “use results of step n-1”

And then, the steps will wait for the previous one to be totally finished

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Read the manual. Specifically the link shared by one of the posters. As others ba e mentioned everything run in step by step mode will run in sequence unlike in live.

A schedule API action will always run first regardless of where you put it in your workflow. The only exception is when it is expecting the result of a previous action. Even then it will run as soon as it gets what it needs to execute.

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I managed to solve the problem guys…

Apparently some actions were being executed in a list and overloading the processing… which was causing visual failure or not executing some workflows