Step-by-Step Not Working Accurately in Debug Mode

I’m working on a matching game where the user clicks on two images. If they match, the user gets a point.

I have a conditional workflow that sets Guess 1 after the first image is clicked and Guess 2 after the second image is clicked. It works in normal mode, but when I turn on debug mode an go step-by-step, later actions in the workflow are running before the debugger gets to them.

After two guesses, I need to trigger additional workflows. But since the debugger is not really running step-by-step, I can’t figure out where my problem is.

Is this a bug? What could be causing this?

Not really a bug. WF doesn’t always run in the step order.
there’s a few options to make them run in a specific order like using custom event WF


Imo, the steps should run in order, but Bubble doesn’t necessarily do it that way. This has been brought up all over the forums, as well. I think it would be great to have a “Run events in order?” checkbox on workflows so we could choose which ones need to run one step at a time.


Yes. I understand that the workflow steps don’t run in order. My issue is that the debugger running in step-by-step mode seems to be generating different results than when the app is running in normal mode.

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