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Voting system - limit users to one vote per post!?


On my web app, I have created a upvote and downvote system. However, the user has unlimited votes. They can essentially upvote or downvote as many times as they desire. Any ideas on how to limit the users vote to one - user gets one vote per post.

Thank You

You add a condition that checks if a user has voted before then make the upvote button disabled or not visible.

Thank you for the response.

But the issue I am running into is figuring out how to check if the user has voted or not.

Add a field Voted as a type List of Users


create a vote data type that looks up to user and post. it should be created whenever a user votes on a post. the condition on the upvote button will be “when Search for votes(user = current user and post = current post):count > 0” this element is not visible.