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Waiting popup action in a workflow


Probably a simple question for you.

I would like to use a popup as a confirmation such as “Are you sure you want to do that?” YES/NO. If clicking on YES the poop up closes down and then resume a more complex workflow using the data of the page itself.
so in a sense, waiting for an action in the workflow to keep going.


What exactly are you trying to achieve?

If you are for example, confirming to delete a thing, you set the Popup content type as the thing, and pass it into the popup when you display it. If the response is yes, then simply have a workflow on the ‘yes’ button to do whatever it is you want to do e.g. delete that thing.

Another option is to use a hidden group, I am doing this in my app, so when the user clicks a trash icon, the group appears with a Delete Yes No tick and cross. This is particularly useful on Repeating groups.

If you use the latter, approach, make sure you re-display the trash icon before you delete the thing or it gets confused on the repeating group.


Hi Dave,

Thank you for your feedback. Good suggestions.

This “confirmation” popup is appearing when clicking a button from a repeating group, I have a workflow with many actions using the current cell’s info and even resulting of previous steps. The message is quite long so it needs to be a popup to be clear othersie the hidden group is a good option.

So how can I pass on the content cell’s info from a repeating group?

I though there was an option somewhere to insert in the workflow such as “wait for this popup to continue if this element (confirm button) is clicked” to continue with this workflow. So in that case there won’t need any information to be passed on because what we need it is only a click as a trigger no matter the info. Is it possible?


Yes, you can do this using states.

I have set up a demo on this page for you.

You will see the “Click Me and Answer the Question”.

When the row is clicked you put it in the the “Data To display” parameter of a “Display Data” action.

Then you would Show Element action and select the popup.

The in the popup, you set the “Type of Content” to the same.

Hi Dave,

In your demo it works perfectly well :slight_smile: .
In addition to the instructions above, I imagine I have to create new States for when the button YES or NO is clicked, correct?

Thanks again

You can go and look at the the source in the editor and see how it is all hung together. Click the link below;

There is one State on the Popup which holds a text value of “Yes” or “No” or “Not Clicked”
Everything on the page or the popup watches or set this single state.

Hi Dave,

This is great input. I need to study more how to integrate this in my app but your answer is really appreciated and gave me more perspective to build an app.

Thanks again :slight_smile: