Linking a confirmation pop up to a repeating group

Scenario: A user is looking at multiple choices which are displayed in a repeating group. Once they click a button to choose that choice, a pop up shows saying “You are about to pick this item. Are you sure?” with a “yes” or “no” button available. If they select “no” I have the pop up going back into the hidden state.

However, if they select “yes” I can’t figure out how to have another action be taken, which is specifically linked to the files stored within that repeating group they chose.

In short, is there a way to link a pop up to a cell within a repeating group?

Note: This will also come in handy when a user needs to confirm the deletion of a file which is being presented in a repeating group, after clicking a delete icon.


I believe I would use a custom state on your popup that is the same type as what you’re showing in your repeating group. In your workflow, set the state in the popup to whatever you clicked on and you can use your logic on the value in that state in the popup workflow.

Give your pop up a type of whatever thing it is you’re manipulating in the repeating group. Pass Current cell’s thing to pop up. Then show pop up. Now you can operate on that thing (change it, delete it, whatever).

1 Like This question’s been coming up a lot lately. Here’s a little video I made (not the best one in the world, but it demonstrates how you’d go about building this, along with some other related common interfaces. (Sorry, I went and truncated this a bit early as it was going down in the weeds. You’ll probably get the idea by watching the first 20 minutes of this. Not a rehearsed video - just showing you how you iterate on this until you get what you want. All the basics are explained.):


Very helpful video. Thank you, Keith.

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You’re awesome dude, thanks!!

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Glad that helped!

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