WAMP MYSQL connector error

I’m just a newbie and the first thing I did on approaching bubble was to create a connection with a local mysql db (usual northwind db sample) within a local WAMP Server. Usually this is very smooth and easy activity also for a non programmer like me. I did it with so many application hundreds of times.
I tried googling to read about the error but there are not clear answers.
Are you so kind to show me a functioning example of this connection ?
Better if it’s explained as for dummies :wink:
If I’m blocked in so easy first step … I can’t imagine later on ;-))

Hi there, I believe the bubble.io code is run in the Cloud so will not be accessible. As a last resort, you will have to use your public IP address of where the MYSQL server is running (try https://www.whatismyip.com) and allow 3306 port access via your firewall. Always ensure you have a secure username and password. Going forward I would recommend using a server on something like Amazon’s AWS RDB rather than allowing access to your home IP. I would not generally recommend allowing internet access to your home network even through a single port for MYSQL.