Community template anybody?

Hi all,

For my app having a community forum alla Bubble has here would be awesome, however I saw @levon the Zeroqode forum and noticed the distinct resemblance to the Bubble one: Is there a Template out there We can use to insta add a forum to our apps?

It is a bit a lazy question, but building it from scratch feels like a serious undertaking…

It’s all built on Discourse, an open source forum software. Not built in Bubble, but it’s pretty easy to stand up.

Edited to add the link:

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Hi @SenorPelota,

Zeroqode has a Forum Template that you could check out. Both Zeroqode and Bubble use Discourse as their forum on their own sites.

Here’s a tutorial if you’re interested on how to set something like that up.


To good to be true!
Thanks for this info and of course the instruction video !

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Thanks Andrew,
this saves a LOT of time

Sure thing! :slight_smile:

Hey, just to come back to this post. I’ve built my first webapp on bubble, and would like a forum attached to it. I can set up a Digital Ocean server and install discourse I’m sure… but how would I forward the people to this seperate server?

For example, I currently have, and would want the forum at, can I do this? A quick search suggests I can’t have subdomains, but from the way you’re describing things @lantzgould, it seems you’ve overcome this?

Hi @phil.13.thomas,

Adding a sub-domain would be through your domain registrar, not through Bubble. Check out my video tutorial above, and you’ll see I simply add an ‘A’ record (my sub-domain) to point to the server address that Digital Ocean gives me.

In Bubble, for example; I just had a button or link that takes the user to the forum page in a separate tab or same window. You can also customize the Header of the discourse forum to keep the same look/feel as your Bubble app if you wanted as well.

Let me know if you get stuck. :slight_smile:

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