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Want to create a list of items that i want to share

I want to create the to do list app

  1. User 1 create the list of items
  2. User 1 share to User2(by email as a key. User2 hasnt already a sign uped user. He needs to signup to see the list that User1 shared)
  3. User2 sign uped in my app, and see the list that user1 shared

Thanks for posting! Here are some example steps of how you might implement this:

  1. Place a popup or reusable sign up element on the page that User1 will have the list and eventually share .
  2. Have a workflow event on page load that asses whether the Current user is signed up or not. If they are not, use conditions or privacy rules to make it so they do not see the contents of the page but rather see the Sign Up popup or reusable element.
  3. That way, the the user will be able sign up and still be the same page that was shared, thereby viewing the list.
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