How to make the to-do list private

I made a to-do list using Bubbles tutorial but I want it so that each person who signs up has their own to-do list. Anyone know how to make it so every user who signs up has their own to-do list?

You will add a data type for users and name it for example “to-do list” then you can have a page where they add things to it. Then, make the list a group or repeating. And set it to current users “to-do list”. That should work let me know if you need anymore help!


I think I did this but it still doesn’t work. Does this look correct?

@anon26152888 I forgot to @ you. Sorry about that!

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Change it from a group to just text. Like have a name above a text like “Name” then under that have a text then insert dynamic data then do current users to-do title. And do the same for others like “message” current users message. And “date” current users date. Something like that if you know what I mean let me know if you need screenshots.

Add a constraint to the search where the Creator = Current User.

@johnny how do you add a constraint to the search? Can you provide screenshots, Im pretty new to

Hey there @giovanni10303,

Check out this Bubble Academy video posted by @Jeremy :slight_smile:

@anon26152888 can I get screenshots? I’m still kinda confused.

You can also watch this demo @carla did for nocode week

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