Want to display "No results match your search"

Need help: I’m simply trying to display a message when a user’s search returns no matches.

Users will be on a product display page in my marketplace app. They may filter by Category (i.e Shoes). If there are no Shoes – of a specified size, color, etc. – I want a message to appear like “Sorry, no items match your search”.

Thanks in advance!

Hi there, @mark11… I set up an example that has a repeating group for products and a dropdown that filters the repeating group. Then, I have a text element to display the “no results” message. This element is not visible on page load, and it has the following conditional on it…


While I don’t know exactly how you have things configured in your app, maybe this example can help you achieve the desired result? Hope so.


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This is how I configure it as well.

The repeating group will be invisible if the search results are 0 - and then you show the other group when the search results are 0

Thanks Mike…perfect!

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