Better Search and no Results Message

Hello there!

I use following workflow at the moment:

Display list in RepeatingGroup Key
Search for Key
Name contains Input Search value

My 2 questions:

  1. Is there a better option to show results? E.g. if only a segment fits the search value? Right now it only shows a result if words match exactly.
  2. What condition do I have to add where to show a group or whatever if no search result is found?

I would be happy about any hints.
Thanks in advance!

@dev2 - using the display list action is something I recommend using in limited cases since it is static. Rather, if you set the data source for your repeating group as a search to begin with, then there’s no need for a display list action.

However, if you’re running into issues with how search results are displaying (or not displaying), it may be worth investigating your database setup and search constraints. Would need for you to share some screen shots to help further.

Here’s a lesson on zero count logic. You can use this logic for setting conditional states to show a “No results found” message as the actual contents of your repeating group changes.

Dan (creator of LearnTo - 125+ Bubble tutorials + on-demand coaching ).


Thanks for your reply.

Can you get into more detail? I must admit, I am a rookie!

The current workflow:


Thanks in advance!

@dev2 - sure, following up in a PM with a few resources.

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