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Want to have Users login with Username not email address

I am building an educational app, where the teacher will need to register the child but the child will use the username that the teacher creates. I need to be able to register multiple users under the same email address but different username and passwords. Is this possible in the bubble site builder?

Users in a Bubble app are unique via a single email address. You technically cannot create multiple Users under 1 address, but you can fake it by creating a seperate Student type with text fields for username and password…obvious security risks involved here.

A similar situation was brought up below with a potential approach:

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Yes, you either need to -

  1. use the Bubble user functionality and create dummy usernames that then translate to an email address. Password reset is then an issue without a real email address.

  2. Built your own user/password system as outlined above, encrypting using a service like Dovecot if you think you need extra security.

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