Want to show 'busy hours' chart but can't work out how to show this

I’m trying to create any type of chart that will enable me to ‘group a thing by the hour it is created’ so that the manager can roster staff according to the busy hours.

The charts (Apex and Bubble) ‘group by’ function allows for days and months and I’m having trouble ‘forcing’ Bubble to group by hours instead.

Currently I extract the hour when the thing is created and store in db. In the chart, I group by the hour (‘exact’ and ‘aggregation=count’) for the number axis and group by the hour (‘exact’ and ‘aggregation=count’) formatted as text to show the data label.

While this brings back the correct data (5 things created with an hour of 3), it also duplicates this data in a weird way so the chart is unusable.

Have a feeling I’m over-thinking this or missing a simple thing.

If anyone has any ideas, pls let me know.

Do you mean a chart like google uses to display when a business is usually busier throughout the day?

Well they use a simple bar chart.

I’m agnostic to the chart type. But yes, just need something that will clearly display the created hours of a list of things and group them so they display by hour created.