How to show hour by hour Chart

Dear Amazing Bubblers,

I created 2 apps on Bubble already and I picked it up in the lockdown. Its a wild ride and I am loving it.

Cutting short, I need your help. :slight_smile: please.

I have a list of over 2000 applications, each one of them has a created date.

Using the grouped by, aggregated by functions I have been able to see week on week view of applications
created. So I know Monday we got 50 apps, Tuesday we got 55 apps etc.

My problem – how can I create an hour by hour Chart to see 12 apps came at 12 noon, 20 came at 8pm etc.

Something around these lines (see image).

I don’t know how to write any code, so available plugins or using bubble features to do this would be EPIC.


Am struggling to implement this. What would the ‘Do a Search fors’ be for the 2 repeating groups? Are you using ‘group by’ or searching for days/hours? Confused.

Group results by day and group by hour.

One RG for day data data grouped by day

One nested RG for your data cells data grouped by hour

Aggregate the count.

thanks for quick reply. will try.

This is the only way I could work out how to do it but it’s got too much logic for my liking, am sure there is a simpler way of achieving this. If anyone comes across this forum post and wants to give this a go at making the logic less verbose…