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☁️Wasabi Cloud Storage Plugin

Hi, thanks for your message.

First, you need to retrieve the stored file URL through the Retrieve Files S3 Element” action in one workflow (indicating the path to the stored file).

after that, within the video player element, as a source, you need to indicate the retrieved video file URL

This is the simplest flow, that you can adjust as per your project requirements (for example passing retrieved URL through custom state or creating a thing in database).

Hope it helps. If there will be any other plugin-related questions, please let us know.

Zeroqode Support Team

Hello, I am a Japanese who does not speak English.
I use DEEPL to translate.

I find this plugin very useful, but I’m facing one problem.

When I send a large number of files with “Auto Send” turned off, I get an ERROR 5 in Chrome.
The same thing happens on mobile devices.

When “Auto Send” is turned on, this bug does not occur.

Is there a solution?

good plugin, is there anyway to do this, I can’t figure it out?

  • User uploads individual image, it adds these image to a conditional list
  • User can keep uploading images, adding each individual image to conditional list.

It seems I cant get this plugin to work with adding individual images to custom state lists, as when I try it gives me an error and just replaces the last image with the new one.

Hi @kawahiro3900, thanks for your message.
We will reply to your case in the following days within this forum thread: Wasabi cloud uploader error? - Help Needed - Zeroqode Forum

Please share a screencast (here or in DM) of the setup that you would like to implement. It will allow us to provide required support much faster.

Zeroqode Support Team