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☁️Wasabi Cloud Storage Plugin

Hi Bubblers, we’ve released a plugin for uploading & managing files with your Wasabi account! 80% Cheaper than Amazon S3 & no egress or API fees. :woman_cook: :man_office_worker:


I want it

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Yes please

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I was just considering to buy this! I would like a licence too please :slight_smile:


Hi there! I would want a free license!


Ooooh! I’ve been looking for this.

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Thank you for creating this plugin!!!


Number 7. Nice!

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Wow and super clear pricing. Kinda love this idea.


Thanks for the update! In the next version can you make individual upload progress output for each file as well as the progress total?

Hmmm then maybe if I could download multiple files from a Wasabi folder would be great too, with an option to zip this.


Hi Alex, sure we can integrate individual progresses. For downloading multiple files should be ok too but not sure if there are any limitations, we will need to research.


Is there an ETA for this update?


Hey Sumit, there’s no ETA right now, we’re finishing up one client project and this will be our focus after.


Just started using the plug in and I’m liking it. I’m using it to populate a Repeating Group with a listing of the files that our users select to upload PRIOR to actually uploading.

QUESTION: How do I create a workflow that will delete one of the file’s selected to be uploaded?

Let’s say a user selects 10 files, they see them listed in my RG, but they accidentally selected one file that is not supposed to be uploaded. I need a workflow that can allow the user to click on that file and trigger some sort of “:minus” event modifier to the list that WasabiS3 is holding. Then we’ll use another button to actually start the upload of all of the correct files.

FEATURE REQUEST: I’d like to be able to create a progress bar for each individual file in the repeating group that gives the visual feedback as to the status of each individual file’s upload completion %. Not just the global % completion.


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Hello Dan thanks for trying our plugin,

Currently there is no support for clearing individual files from the list, this is something we can add for you, also with individual progresses.

We are very close to finishing a plugin for a client, it’s scheduled for delivery by 3rd of Jan but we may finish sooner. Next update should be ready for around mid to late January.


Thanks for the feedback. Look forward to seeing if you can incorporate that.


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Hi there, I’m running into a problem which I can repeat over and over.

The plug in works fine when I have it set to only select “image/" files. If I change that parameter to select "video/” or “.mov” or “.mp4” or any other type of file that is video in nature, the plug in returns an empty file set. No files are shown to populate a repeating group nor do any video files get automatically uploaded to Wasabi.

If I switch the file type parameter back to “image/*” and select some files, everything works as expected. I absolutely must have the ability to upload video files as well.

I can delete the plug in from my page, drag a fresh one in, set it up, and get the problem to repeat itself again and again. Definitely need some fast help on this because I’m using it in a project I need to finish up soon.

UPDATE: If I create an Input field that I can use to define which types of files I can select (.mov, images/*, etc.) and then reference that from the plug in, I CAN upload those files, but they will NOT show up in the repeating group unless they are image files of any kind. The RG show an empty set unless they are images.

If I set my Input field to empty, then I can choose any file type to upload. Anything I select WILL get uploaded in this condition, however the repeating group will remain empty as if I didn’t select any files. It’s very weird.

You mean the preview for the file is empty right? Do you want a thumbnail of the video or something? It should still return the size, mime type, name etc. You can read the type and display some generic icon to signify it’s a video, or none at all as we do in our demo when the current cell’s preview.

We tested with many file formats including video, all uploaded and previewed ok. Can you debug with the error state? It will either have a message we generated or from Wasabi’s server.

Would you like for us to discuss this in a private message? We’ll be able to support you from this time tomorrow.

Yes, is there a way to PM me?

We have sent you a private message.