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Way to grab new data/thing other than "first item"

I created a countdown timer based off @kfhwdd suggestion in this post:

I send some parameters from the previous page (user in previous page has selected a thing from a repeating group), I use the parameters to search for the thing’s duration, and this becomes my Timer (also a thing) Second’s field. I then Do Every 1 Second > Make a change to Timer > Search for Timers:First Item (and subtract 1). I then have a When condition: When Timer <= 0, I show an element that is hidden.

Everything works great, except the system is relying on the search of the “first item” in every workflow. The same record in the database is being changed every time. Would be fine if 1 person at a time were using the system, but that is not realistic.

I know that I can create a new timer, but I am not sure how to grab that new creation in the subsequent workflows.

Any insight or ideas would be much appreciated.

Could you create a new timer for every user and then instead of “Search for Timers:First item” you do “Search for Timers > Constraint: Created By = Current User” so that workflows are the same and only affect the timer created by the user?

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Think that might work, I’ll play around with it. I assume I would have to use :last item in case the user has created multiple timers, so their most recent is used?


Thanks Gaby - that solution seems to be working well!

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