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We are hiring engineers!

Hi Bubblers, we’re looking to grow our engineering team and could use help spreading the word!

If you know any great software engineers who’d be interested in joining us, please send them our way. We have a description of the role up here:

We’re very excited to have a larger team; we have a long list of engineering projects we’d like to take on to make Bubble even better!


Awesome, congratulations on the growing team!

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Great news, guys. Very happy for the team :thumbsup:

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Remote is considered?

Unfortunately at this stage we want someone who can be in the office at least a couple days a week. I like the freedom + geographic reach of having remote engineers, but we’re such a small team right now that we need the face-to-face contact to stay on the same page.

Ok makes sense.
For future I’m interested in remote part time position.

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Great to hear the company is ready for a new developer.

I’m sure our community will do our best to help you find the best and brightest for the position to help Bubble continue to become something important and lasting!

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Really excited to hear this. I just messaged a handful of my New York based contacts. Would really encourage others to do the same.

To get people started, here’s a link to the LinkedIn geographic search for New York :slight_smile:

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Thanks @dan1, really appreciate that!!