We're hiring! Join the Bubble Developer Team @ Bubble

Hey ya’ll! Sam here. In case you missed the last announcement, we’re hiring a new Bubble Developer!

Come work with me, Andrew, Maria, Alex & Paul as we shape the user experience on Bubble.

I can tell you from personal experience - if you love Bubble, are passionate about building, and are already spending all day in the Bubble editor, this is really the perfect job. Feel free to reach out if you want to know more!

Apply here: | Bubble


Hey @sam.morgan - exciting to hear about this opportunity! Is this specific for US based people? No remote opportunity?

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I wonder why do you need so much info about gender, orientation and ethnic at CV/Portefolio presentation.

The information presented on the form explains that this info will not be used on the selection it self and will be only for later statistics… if so, why ask now?

GDPR is all about “need to know basis”, if you don’t need that personal information now, you shouldn’t ask for it now.

I’m from Europe… don’t have any background on US legislation about this.


From the job description:

Bubble is very remote-friendly, and we have employees who work across the United States. You’ll be able to identify which state you plan to work in on your application. Note: at this time, we are only considering candidates who are authorized to work in the U.S.

As far as I know Bubble doesn’t have developers (and support) outside of USA.

Applied! Looking forward to hear from Bubble. @manasi and @vivienne already seen some of my apps performing during both NYC meetups (I’m in North NJ, 5 minutes Path train to NYC).

Feel free to log in to my Agency account and take a deeper dive on the apps, along with the demos I sent. Thanks for now!

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It is common in the United States to solicit this information, as many companies have initiatives to designed to increase the demographic diversity of their workforces, but (as you can see on the Bubble app) it is always optional.

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I have been developing Complex Web Applications on Bubble for 3-4 Years now & have more than 25 Projects varying in complexity on this platform. I have a passion of building Insight Calculators & Bubble helps me so much in this. It’s sad that I cannot Apply for this job as I’m from India but I would have loved to. But Keep doing what you all guys are doing. You Guys are Awesome!! :heart:

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I understand, but I wonder if a “not answer” is a good or bad thing. Is it better or worse than answer trully, whatever your personal situation.

Again, even if this is for diversity and statistics, this should be asked afterwards, after acceptance or decline of the proposal. I know that people that were not accepted will not answer with much will and that situation would bias the statistics…

No good solution here, I guess…

The application link seems to be broken…I tried in two different browser and with cookies cleared etc…when you click “apply,” the page just refreshes.

The job opening has closed.

You can see Bubble’s open roles here: Careers | Bubble