We Really Need a GET Method for Workflow APIs

I will extend this with new features like returning a custom content type or headers. If anyone needs something added please let me know.

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Wahoo, this is solution day for this issue :grin:

On my end, I just did a quick interface this morning, I still need to figure out how to stay on the free plan of the tools I use tomorrow and will release it.
So you’ll basically just have to enter your app name and endpoint to create the redirection.


a lightweight solution is best for something like this :smiley:

looking forward to it!

@vnihoul77 amazing !
Thank you for sharing it :slight_smile:

It is with regrets that I announce this service will be limited to 1 call in the free version and 50 for 10$/month :woozy_face:

No, just joking on the current forum vibe. I should be able to release it by today or tomorrow , it’s not fully stable yet so I need to improve some processes.

the last thing you’d want to do is to make your plugin unaffordable :stuck_out_tongue:

don’t forget to charge different tiers for the number of uses, and the number of monthly active users on your parent app!

Costs are pretty low, it just needs a Bubble premium 29$ plan to run.
So I will try introduce a fair pricing: the more people subscribe, the cheaper it gets

This is it :clap: Everyone can now easily convert GET request to POST request on Bubble.

Here’s a link to the presentation of the service:

@dannyliu @Webero_Agency @aj11 @chad @paulmkhonta


Awesome! I will be checking this out soon. Thanks for putting this together.

Hey all - just wanted to announce that we’ve recently released a new experimental feature that allows you to trigger API workflows with GET requests! Please feel free to test it out; looking forward to hearing your feedback!


Nice. Will check that out.

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Huh? Whut?

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@keith, I deleted my post - I’d read virtually every post in this thread… except the one by @grace.hong about the experimental feature. So when I posted, I didn’t realise it had been released.

This is fantastic. I think I can now create an icalendar file on the fly and serve it up from a backend workflow!

Yeah, I need to give that a go myself.

It works a treat.

Am wondering if it would be useful I start a topic on how I did this - though a gentleman of your considerable experience could do it for sure, once you understood the calendar format. But for example, I save the calendar text in another special-purpose Calendar thing that the User thing references, so I don’t have to send the whole text of it each time the page loads and the Current User is sent. And when the User’s created, I create User’s Calendar Token which is required by the GET request.

I’ve already created a plugin that generates iCal data, it’s just actually usable via a GET now. :wink:

Hi all - as an update, we just released an experimental feature allowing you to enter periods in your API workflow keys!

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Hello community.

I need to make some API calls in my App. This particular API requires a Json body in the GET request.

Does anyone know how to add Json body to a GET request with bubble’s API connector?

Please help?

anyone here who already tried to create plugins for other platforms, in my case Wordpress, with bubble?

maybe someone can share ideas! :slight_smile:

Just a quick followup on this: Though one could now entirely create an iCal feed and serve it from Bubble’s backend (now that one can have backend workflows respond to a GET), I’d probably do the iCal creation part as a Google Function (called via the API connector), rather than as a Server-Side Action as it’s faster and cheaper and can be configured to use more memory (if needed). But the basic feature of being able to return data in response to a GET is still appreciated and essential.

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