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We really need to focus more on UI

Some open advice here guys. You really need to pay more attention to the UI design of your website/app. A lot of makers make do with the bare minimum but users today will not settle for a site that looks like its from 1999. I seldom come across a new app that is really eye-catching and almost always find faults with regards to spacing, colour contrast, fonts used etc.

Invest some time in monitoring sites like and to follow trends in web-design. This doesn’t necessarily mean the process will be more complicated either, there is a big trend as relates to minimalism for instance. Your UI is the store front and even if your product/service is phenomenal, people will not enter if they are not inspired by your homepage.

To answer another question that gets asked a lot, I find that bubble is more than enough to create your website and there is no need for webflow.

Just some friendly advice.


I was just thinking about this today. I’ve been going through many bubble applications and I must agree that design is lacking.

Good design goes along way and it’s important. How many times have you landed on a site that was poorly designs and you just left because you felt it wasn’t a trustworthy website?

Design should not be ignored. Take it seriously. Functionality is more important but design is really important.

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True. Another good source of inspiration is Instagram. Following tags like #ui #ux will familiarize one with current trends.

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Here are some great design resources that will help you design better products and beautiful websites!


Thank you :raised_hands:! I always spend AGES working on design for my mobile & web apps, literally down to every pixel, and I literally :face_vomiting: when I see poorly designed apps. is another great site for mobile app design.


IMO bubble is one of the best wireframers out there. If you use good logic and solid design then bubble becomes dangerous :v:


@ralphlasry Great resources thanks. I especially like SaaS Pages. its very relevant to bubble makers.

@rukevweb I am the same.

A good web UI is in fact just one part of an important concept all entrepreneurs should give consideration to before launching: branding.

I wrote a short blog post a while back on one of my sites on this topic and referenced Ello and Dollar Shave Club as two examples of good branding.

Thank you for the sites! I use for inspiration. Nice to have more options to look at. Always nice to have more places to get ideas. Especially for someone like me, who just doesn’t have the ‘eye’ for design.


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Good use of Poppins mate, one of my favs… will have a butchers at the post tomo.

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Hey guys!

Definitely an interesting point, and I agree that Bubble have everything in place at the end to create high-standard designed apps. Just a matter of Bubble knowledge, but of course UX/UI expertise too.

An additional resource toward that (disclaimer : I’m the co-founder of it) would be, which is actually a way for Bubblers to start their apps with a consistent and organized UI framework from the start. Instead of trying to catch up/tweak when the app functionalities/development are done.

One of our motivation of building it was also from noticing that a lot of Bubble apps, while they can address potentially interesting problem, definitely lack of consistency and quality in their UI/UX. Which at the end, reduce the potential of their overall credibility & value proposition…

Is free?

You can start with a free plan yeah, and you’ll have already access to a nice collection of free UI components.

On top of that, openBase, which is a complete framework template fitting all components and style, is free :

So all in all, on a free plan, you can already have a solid UI foundation for your app. The paid plan offers you then additionnal components (350+ as of today), private collections and additionnal design tools, to speed up your UI work.

Useful and good looking site @mattmazzega . Will have a look at it…

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