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Web App Developer Needed for Fintech App

Seeking a developer(s) to create a web app Fintech MVP.
The web app will have 3 Dashboards (New & Returning User Logins for Admin, Advisor & Client) and an intake questionnaire that 1)produces a financial score that is provided to the client. 2) inputs used to create a financial roadmap report by the Advisor (inputs may be linked to Excel document to create a PDF report).

Able to provide Dashboards in Photoshop format; can provide intake questionnaire in Photoshop files as well if that will speed up the process.
Excel/Google Sheets containing calculators and scoring algorithm will be provided.

General Capabilities:
• Intake questionnaire based on series of questions and calculators that will produce individual scores
• Messenger (between user and advisors, admin and advisors; not between clients
• Calculate score based on calculators in Excel/Google Sheets
• Financial report PDF upload by Advisor to client’s dashboard
• Task/checklist/to-do tracker (i.e. actionable items to be completed by the client as added by Advisor)
• Forget password/reset password feature

For Clients:
• Ability to schedule/reschedule/cancel appointment with Advisor
• Ability to download PDF
• Ability to upload PDFs for Advisor review
• Net Worth & Score tracker
• Ability to link to online portal (course platform) to view online classes
• Monthly group calendars
• List of recommended partners (outside companies)
• Ability to message their Advisor (privacy is must)

For Admin:
• Analytics: engagement by clients and Advisors
• Message clients and advisors
• Ability to manage user accounts (pause, delete)

For Advisors:
• Ability to upload client PDF files
• Ability to add new client as well as meeting notes by date
• Ability to download files submitted by documents
• Ability see all upcoming client appointments
• Ability to reschedule, cancel or schedule client appointments
• Ability to message individual clients (privacy is must)
• Ability to add to-do list/actionable items for each client based on individual progress
• Monthly group calendars

If you have experience with creating financial web apps, this may be a great fit for you.


Hey @mina!
Ready to help you with your task.
Please use following link to book time for discussing details.

Igor from team

I submitted a request for a quote through your website.

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