I’m a freelancer

I am a free lance looking for any way I can help.

Hello @bward3456,

It would help if you would explain to us what kind of freelance work you do? What are your expenses? Do you have any projects you’ve done that can be previewed by us?

I have made CAD/MDT and $150 for everything I do.

Do you also create plugin?

Are you able to add excell sheets to app and checklists and make the app tske photos and email the checlists and the photos

Can try!

I would like to know what sort of remote working tools are you using ? i mean virtual desktops/ SharePoint etc ? How many years of experience do you have

Adrian Gates
Sr. Cloud Expert - Apps4Rent

This is possible by integrating google sheets with bubble. Is there a specific requirement you have?

I’m looking for a Bubble developer for a fintech dashboard web app. It would require Google Sheets relay/integration. Please let me know if you’re interested, your rates, and contact info.

Probably best to start a new forum thread to gain more visibility on your request.