Web Self Storage API - Error, Status code 500

This is my first post to the forum so I might not have the proper etiquette. I am working with self-storage software from U-haul known as Web Self Storage. They have an API and I have a functioning API key. I have successfully initiated GET requests but I am failing with my POST request.

Trying to set up a POST call. Everything is working perfectly in Postman but I cannot seem to get past this error in bubble API connector.

The API documentation does not show an error 500 so I am wondering if this is a bubble error or if anyone has any suggestions.

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Can you share your API Connector settings?

You need to set Content-type header with application/json value

Thanks for the advice. I tried that but I might have made a mistake because it still failed.

It’s also possible that your json is not correctly set. For example: you have address2, set to allow blank. but it doesn’t mean that it will be set to null (maybe to “null” that is not the same thing). you can try to remove this line and test again.
What you can do to help you debug, is to send the Postman call to a requestbin endpoint. Do the same from bubble. compare both payload and headers.