Webflow like animation

I still don’t know if It’s possible to animate elements from a specific position to another position like how webflow handles it. Is there any plug-in for that??. Cuz I know it’s not built in and I couldn’t find any plugins for it.
Webflow is really great for these stuff but if bubble had this no one would ever even work with webflow. This really helps when you want animated page tabs.

@Thimo does some great work with it. Check out his landing page: https://www.subsocket.io/

He shared how he did those animations on Twitter at some point:

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Using css in html elements and settings ID to your page elements, you can do even better that webflow.

You can achieve this without using any plugin. But if you need help, I would encourage you to have a look at the Toolbox plugin which is really powerful to add custom CSS class to page elements.

There’s really anything you can’t do with Bubble. You can even integrate a bootstrap (or other framework) template within a html elements and populate your contents from the Bubble database. When one has or wishes complex UI hard to be built with Bubble editor, this way to operate is really powerful (and the loading time is much better!). I built a page this way, containing lot of images and a long list of items (products cards). Loading time under 5 seconds (also thanks to some optimization hacks, but I guess it could even be less than 5 with additional optimization), difficult to do better using the built-in elements. And the whole things are fully and pretty responsive, no headache :yum:

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* looks around for the sign up for @Christophe_HK upcoming guide / tutorial / course. *

Have you shared already some of these magic tricks? Planning on doing it?

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I was fond of Nocodify.com, I bought a lifetime access as several others here. Tutorials and tips were really straight to the point, efficient, without having to follow a course for hours to build a clone and collect 2 or 3 tips you really need. For some reasons I ignore, this learning platform seems to be dead, no more news / activity from @Nocodify for months.

So yes, when I will have a bit more time, I think I should or I will try to setup such a learning platform to help and share to useful tips such the ones I told before. I’ll call this platform “remembering-Nocodify.com:yum:

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