Webhook action which calls an api

Hi. I want to make a button, which when clicked makes an ai request. Like in IFTTT, we have a feature in which if something happens, then we can trigger a webhook. i am using this webhook to control my IOT project. It is just a simple url which needs to be called. How can i implement it in bubble.

https://cloud.boltiot.com/remote/*my unique credential */digitalWrite?pin=0&state=HIGH&deviceName=BOLTXXXX
When this call is made, it turns one of the pins of my iot devivce to high. In ifttt, i just create a webhook which calls this api when something happens.
In iftt it looks something like this:

How can we do the same on bubble in which when a button is clicked, this happens?

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Create a backend workflow. This will give you a link to send a request using POST

@Jici, can you directly tell me how to do it in short please

I think it will be best to take time to read doc.
You need to activate backend workflow in app settings
Go in backend workflow, create an endpoint
Use detect data, copy url, trigger the webhook
This way you will get the data and be able to use them in workflow.

Don’t forget to modify the url after to remove /initialize (and also version-test/ when your are live)

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