Website displays as not secure on custom domain[closed]


I have setup a custom domain through Godaddy and have a personal plan on bubble. I have setup the domain successfully and the Domain/email tab under settings shows


The website only works when it is in http:// and displays that the site can’t be reached when i try it with https://. When I asked GoDaddy customer support, they said I had to ask Bubble. The SSL checker on godaddy says there is a HTTPS handshake failure as shown below

Can someone guide me as to how to get the https:// tag working?

It has been a couple of hours since i setup the SSL encrytion ON and configured the custom domain .

I want to say I’ve had this happen before, and if you’ve had the enable SSL checkbox ticked on bubble and your http url is successfully routing to your app, it’s definitely something that you can fix via configuration in GoDaddy. I think my issue was with a conflicting redirection or record or cname that I forgot to disable, or I entered one of the two IP’s from Bubble into the wrong field.

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the https:// tag is actually working now.

For people facing this issue, try adding the IP address on godaddy first and then enable SSL on Bubble. When I check after 30 minutes it was working.

Use to check if the SSL encryption works

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