403 Forbidden Error


I have recently tried to put a domain over my app. The domain is hosted by GoDaddy. Bubble does not tell me that anything is wrong with the DNS settings that I have entered.

https://www.myhomestory.co.uk - DOES NOT WORK
myhomestory.co.uk - DOES WORK

I copied everything as per the guidance - so please do not ask me to go back and refer to the forums. I have also waited at least 48 hours after 3 separate attempts to get this working. I have run out of options, I do not understand what I am possibly doing wrong?

Here is what I have entered on GoDaddy - exactly what Bubble asked me to enter:

Forums suggest using various CNAME’s but I have tried that and it hasn’t helped. Specifically for GoDaddy having a CNAME with www and a value of @ should point to the root domain. Please can anyone provide any help with this…

This SSL checker says I have some name mismatch errors - it doesn’t appear to be something that I can fix.