Website Monitoring?

Hi, is it possible to bubble to monitor a website uptime and downtime? like if my website that i created here in bubble is down it will send me an email to notify that my site is down

Bubble will automatically monitor it for you, I believe. Additionally, it’s easy to set-up a service to ping your site every minute and send you an email or SMS if it’s down.

Tools like Pingdom make this easy. I’m pretty sure there are still several other services that provide these basics for free. Google is your friend.

yes i know that im using that also, what i’m asking for if bubble can do the same thing? so that you don’t need to use pingdom or any other website monitoring service or create a site that can do website monitoring

I don’t believe Bubble offers a website monitoring service themselves although I know they monitor our apps behind the scenes and will jump in to fix hardware related issues if any were to arise.

In general, you typically want a monitoring service that’s different than your core service so that they don’t share any infrastructure and, subsequently, there’s little to no risk the monitoring service goes down when your app goes down because that’d defeat the whole purpose of monitoring anyway.