Website Security

Is there a way to encrypt all data on a site or something? Say you make a website that requires all its users to enter credit card info. How can I make that extremely secure?

Hey there,
some tips:

  • Never save user passwords
  • If possible don’t save any credit numbers of your users, instead of that save them in the stripe(or your payment provider) server. If you need save numbers, then don’t save them all, 0000 XXXX XXXX 0000.
  • Keep your bubble app updates in date.
  • Use SSL (https)
  • Use privacy roles
  • Use strong admin password

There are some online tools, that scan malware and you should also check cloudflare, and other cdn protection.

Best regards.


Use a third party tool, like Stripe. Doing it yourself is a bad idea.


Just chiming in. Bubble is not PCI compliant, so just don’t even try to work around it. Agreed with all of the suggestions above. Have a 3rd party secure the sensitive data for you.


Could you please specify what particular website data do you want to protect?