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HTTPS / SSL and Bubble

Hi there.

I’m new to Bubble, and probably like most of you have been thinking: “Wow!” and “Finally!” every so often recently. Grateful to the founders for pushing the boundaries of visual programming further, and for building this tool.

Onto my question: Is it possible to use Bubble with a site that has an SSL certificate? I’d like users to visit (say) instead of and have everything work OK. I have a feeling that some of my users will care very deeply about SSL support and it seems that best practices people suggest putting login forms behind HTTPS only.

If anyone has any pointers on how HTTPS / SSL and Bubble work together, that would be great.


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Thanks for the kind words :grinning:

It’s something we can do, but there is a bit of manual work on our end at this stage. When your app gets big and that becomes a business issue, reach out to [email protected] so that we can work on this together.

Thanks for the info. We’ll need to request Bubble-on-HTTPS when we’re out of our internal testing phase, hopefully in a month, and will follow up then.

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Hi @emmanuel - is this still a manual step by chance? We also have a need for app access via https for multiple reasons.

it has to be done by the bubble team on their side. That’s why you need to contact them at [email protected] and may expect a fee for the work.

We’re actually in the middle of making this automatic for users on the professional plan and higher. Give us a few days (maybe 2 weeks, but should be sooner than this).

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Hello Emmanuel - Was this added? Is there a way I can activate this on the platform?

Yes it is. As soon as you’re on a professional plan you can activate it after setting up your domain.

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I am working on a custom Blockspring API using the API Connector and their documentation says their calls are only served over HTTPS.
I’m getting an error saying my redirect URI is not valid. I guess this is a result of being HTTP.

So I can only get this working if I upgrade?


All calls to blockspring are done over https from us, so I don’t think that’s your issue here.

Do you mean all calls within the blockspring plug-in are done over https?

I’m not using the blockspring plug-in, I’m connecting to a custom block using the Api connector.

What the issue appears to be is that my dev app is http so my redirect uri is not valid as blockspring requires https.

It seems that in order for this to comply, I need to upgrade to pro to enable ssl so I can test this. Is this correct?


With upcoming releases around 31st January, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox will label all plain http websites which expect their users to enter any private data as non-secure websites.
This way any business or anyone who has membership systems on their website will hopefully move to https even if it is only to keep their websites free from labeling as not secure.

Because 10,000 workflows is enough for quite big apps, is there any chance to enable the ability to install ssl certificate on Personal Plans too? Especially when it is already automatic job :wink:


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