Websocket to External Database

Does anyone have experience with setting up a websocket to an external database? I’m using mySQL right now with the SQL Database Connector, but it’s not realtime. @mishav any ideas? I think you are a legend at these things.

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Hi @linhduynguyen

The SQL Database Connector does cache results unless you give it a different parameter value in some way, so Bubble initiating a query can be realtime-ish.

Are you wanting the database to initiate to Bubble that something has changed? For this, the database itself would need a specific driver attached and have an API to either
A) have your own API call a Bubble backend endpoint
B) the Bubble webpage subscribe to websocket server to be informed of updates

Fun stuff :smiley:

So far, I have tried a psuedo solution of real-time by using a custom state change to call the query again when I think the data has changed.

How would you go about setting your two methods?

@mishav appreciate your help as always. Hope you’re staying safe in light of COVID 19!

Is there a way to subscribe to websocket from Bubble?