Weekly calendar issue using toolbox plugin

I have an issue with weekly calendar when on Sundays calendar doesn’t open the right week. I wonder if’s related to timezone or what?

Also, it would be nice to have an option when week starts on monday but i’m not sure how to change that.



Any tips for this?

Write your own code for Expression A and Expression B would be the solution, right? What you’re trying to do is actually NOT easy. (There’s a bunch of edge cases that you may or may not care about that you’ll tickle. It’s the same problems as the “custom calendar” technique for full moths has.) I’d load a library (moment is my preferred one) to help handle it. I’ve had a request (or two) with CG Pro to enable customized views of weeks or months and then enable the typical things one would to (pick dates or date ranges, which is likely what you’re trying to do) and this is something that’s on my radar.

Of course, CG Pro isn’t free. But actually, even in the latest version of CG Pro (versions 3.1 and later) it occurs to me that you can generate such a list (the Sunday week start vs. Monday week start is the difference between US week starts [they start on Sunday] and ISO week starts [they start on Monday]. There’s a new Utility function in CG Pro that generates a list of dates from an arbitrary range, with an arbitrary step and time interval (this is the core of my not-yet-released Time Grid companion which is kind of stuck in development hell due to limitations of the Bubble plugin builder).

I’m just getting started with video documentation for CG Pro 2, but soon I’ll be explaining that feature and it could be what you need. (also, it’s possible that I’ll release an update to CG Pro that just plain does what you need before I even get the docs done on the alternative approach.)

All that aside: go read the docs for moment.js and you’ll see much easier to understand ways for generating a list of dates starting from some arbitrary point. I’ve also documented at great length how to leverage that plugin in Bubble (without actually writing plugins), but honestly the plugin approach is faster and cleaner.

I’m excited to run across this post as it gives me something interesting to show in the docs for CG Pro’s utility “generate date list” function. I might just show how to do this in an upcoming video about that feature, as it’s entirely possible.

Sounds like you are really into this calendar stuff!

I would happily buy your plugin from you for all of my apps if there would be support for week features and option to place a customizable group inside a day column so I can build some conditional stuff.

I guess it needs to generate a week list for US and ISO formats that can be used with with repeating groups.

Would it be a separate plugin or integrated to your current one?

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