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[NEW PLUGIN] Dates Generator for Custom Calendar - Create your custom calendar

Hi there!
I released a new plugin called Dates Generator for Custom Calendar.

The plugin permits to create your custom calendar generating the list of days appearing in a monthly calendar.

Any feedback is appreciated!

Plugin page:
Demo page:


Hi this is excellent and almost exactly what I need, except I need the week to start on a Monday. Would it be possible to update to include that option? Thanks either way!

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Hi @jack1
Thanks for the feedback.
I have released a new version of the plugin with the possibility to start the week on Monday.


Happy new year


That’s amazing, thank you so much!

Hey @alessandrofiorillo94 ,

Thanks for this flexible plugin! That’s exactly what I was looking for.

Is there a way I could display the current week as shown in this screenshot?

Editor view:

Thanks again!

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Great plugin. It would be nice if week start can be set dynamically. Don’t know if it is possible.

Another question:
I managed to populate a dropdown with year numbers and with month numbers. Using workflows I replace month and year of the custom state date used to display dates in the RG. Setting default values for these dropdowns are also working using number notation (type of choices = number).

I tried to populate the month dropdown with month names. But doing this I am not able to set a default value for the drop down.

It works when using text as type of choices but I want it to be date, because then I am able to replace the month value of the custom state date used to display dates in the RG. Is this possible?

Hi @p.daponte, you could follow a solution like this one to do that:

  1. You create a new “Data type” like the following one (I’ve called it “week”)

  2. You populate the “week” table in this way
    Schermata 2022-11-05 alle 15.32.02

  3. In your page you create these 3 custom states
    Schermata 2022-11-05 alle 15.32.22

  4. In the workflow you set the value of the custom state, in this way (“current day/time” is formatted as “dddd”, you find that option in “custom”)

    Schermata 2022-11-05 alle 15.33.35
    Schermata 2022-11-05 alle 15.33.50

  5. In the repeating group you put this data source
    Schermata 2022-11-05 alle 15.34.59

If something is not clear, ask me!

Hi @FJP !
I’m not sure I’ve understood well the 2 questions

  1. You can set dynamically the beginning of the week, in this way.
    (In this case I’ve used an “input” element, that can contains only 0 or 1 value).
    Schermata 2022-11-06 alle 20.49.33

  2. Probably If it does not work it’s because the date that you are taking from “date for calendar plugin” it’s not inside the dates that you are using as option in the dropdown.
    For this point if you share your editor maybe I can understand better.

nice plugin, can we make it a 6 day week, ie without Sunday?

Hi @darren.james7518 ,
Yes, you can filter the list of dates by excluding Sunday, in this way (I have used date formatting “ddd”):

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Perfect thank you.